"La Belle Dame Sans Merci" sketch by Dante Gabriel RossettiGeneral editorial policy:  Our focus is on fiction, poetry and art by a certain subset of modern Pagans, but we will happily accept work from other folks, Pagan or no, if it suits our sensibilities and aesthetic. We do not publish oathbound material, nor do we support the proliferation of fake “traditional” material which actually has a known or knowable source. We may publish liturgical poetry presented to us by the original author, but we do not publish spells or rituals unless they have independent literary merit.

We print previously unpublished work, except by arrangement.  Previous publication includes the Internet, so if you have posted your work in your personal blog or other fora, please remove it before you submit it to us.

Poetry:   Image-rich, sensuous, and strange.  It should sound like the fairies would like it. Send 3-5 poems per submission.

Fiction:  Fiction by or about Pagans, re-tellings of myth or fairy tales, original work in a mythic or fairy tale style, or anything that wouldn’t look out of place with them at a party.

Art:  Digital formats, please.  More specific information forthcoming.

Non-fiction:  Craft (as in writing) essays,  Craft (as in witch) essays, folklore, mythology, history relevant to our other interests, or any combination of the above.  We welcome solid scholarly work with cries of glee, but personal musings are also perfectly acceptable.

Poetry may be any length; fiction should be less than 10,000 words.  Microfictions are delightful. Send as an attachment (.doc, .rtf, or .odt file) to an e-mail with the genre, your name, and the title(s) of your work in the subject heading to submissions at  You may submit as many times or in as many genres as you like, but please wait until you receive a response before sending your next submission.  We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Blog posts are by a small set of regular contributors and by invitation; however if you have a related publication and would like to trade “guest posts” drop a line to editor at

Image:  Detail of illustration study by Dante Gabriel Rossetti for “La Belle Dame sans Merci”

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