Still making decisions…

If you submitted work to us and haven’t heard back, that means we are still thinking about it.  In the meantime, the first issue is shaping up to be marvelous.  There are some themes emerging that might turn into foci for future issues….such as bargains with Fate, or pomegratates.  Catherynne Valente has remarked that everyone seems to write a Persephone poem (guilty!) but the nature of this journal is that we can just roll with that.  We have one Persephone poem in the first issue, but could easily revisit the theme later on.

Issue Number One will definitely, decidedly, indubitably be ready for Lughnasad.  I know that is three months later than Beltane, but perhaps it just needed time to ripen.  We will have some special items coming along as time goes on as well.   In the meantime, feast your eyes on this cover:

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