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Another review…

Versification is a new online journal devoted to reviews of speculative poetry. While the reviewer didn’t love everything like I do, the consideration of Dead, Mad, or a Poet as literature is well-taken. Review by Erik Amundsen. Tweet

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A review! Already!

We got a shout-out in the Wild Hunt today, plus this review by Laura at The Juggler, who says, among other things, “The quality of the writing is very professional and I believe each contribution is very well done…This is … Continue reading

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Issue One

Includes: “Invitation” by Mark Saucier “Weather Magic” by Elinor Prędota “The Dreamstone” by Catherine M. Wilson “Franz Marc” by Kerry Higgins Wendt “Yeats, Primitivism, and the Magic of Art” by Kerry Higgins Wendt “Temperance” by Ben Roberts “Pomegranate” by Kathryn … Continue reading

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It’s heeeeere!

Issue One is live. You can have your very own electronic copy by pushing the shiny yellow button. Print issues will be winging their way to you soon. P.S. If you paid for an electronic copy, and don’t have one … Continue reading

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Still making decisions…

If you submitted work to us and haven’t heard back, that means we are still thinking about it.  In the meantime, the first issue is shaping up to be marvelous.  There are some themes emerging that might turn into foci … Continue reading

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First, happy Beltane! Work has eaten all my time.  So, while the content for the inaugural issue is complete (and amazing), the layout and production will have to wait until the semester ends…which is only two weeks from now.  Watch … Continue reading

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She is in the Wildness

This was my day yesterday. It started with the kayak which, you will notice, is inflatable.  The day I discovered kayaks came with inflatability, and therefore need not be lifted on top of a car by my short self, it was … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Edge: A Review

The “Pagan” quotient is low, but one of the minor characters is a Tarot-reading massage therapist whom I could have easily met in my days as a professional psychic, though her beat is a lot more plush than my grungy, touristy, downtown Underground Atlanta clientele. I knew people like her, though; an Ishtar priestess who taught sacred dance and took massage clients in her incense-and-candle-filled studio, and a former Coca Cola executive who provided “intuitive counseling” from an office in Buckhead. For anyone who has run in Pagan circles long enough, Gabriella is a wholly believable character, and an example of how even the minor characters in this novel have roundedness and depth. Continue reading

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An Open Letter

In response to this:  Catholic Church Issues Guide on How to Convert Witches Dear Paranoic Christians, Plz to stop writing up “guides” on how to “save” people being “lured” into witchcraft.  We aren’t luring them.  In fact, if they’re as … Continue reading

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