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Versification is a new online journal devoted to reviews of speculative poetry. While the reviewer didn’t love everything like I do, the consideration of Dead, Mad, or a Poet as literature is well-taken.

Review by Erik Amundsen.

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  1. Oberyn says:

    I’m really excited about this review. On one hand, like Amundsen said, it’s hard to review — and for the reasons he stated. On the other, reviewers of our time have never seen anything like DMP, it’s entirely something new to us and them; a literary journal by and for Pagans.

    I think Amundsen does a moderately fair job at it (despite coming off as a Jeffrey Steingarten of poetry review.) I was, however, taken aback by his comments on Mark Saucier’s poem “Invitation,” which I really like. I think that Saucier’s poem is set squarely in the center of a religious experience that the reviewer has no context for, and without that context, the reviewer is lost — much like Faery itself, huh?

    This is again why I’m so excited. This is real Pagan culture happening! It’s real creation. Not a “how-to” zine designed to sell products or masturbatory self-aggrandizing, but the results of Pagans being Pagan. And it holds up to other literary journals, according to Amundsen. Great work!

  2. Yeah, if I didn’t think “Invitation” was delightful, I wouldn’t have included it. But reviews are good, even when we disagree with them 🙂

  3. Elinor says:

    Like Oberyn, I’m really excited about this – Pagan culture that is both genuinely Pagan and and genuinely culture (iyswim), and recognisably so to folks not involved.

    May we all raise alabaster lamps aloft.

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