Fairy Land by Edward Reginald Frampton

“Fairy Land” by Edward Reginald Frampton

THE story goes that if you spend the night on a fairy mound, the morning will find you dead, mad, or a poet. Those who dare knock on hidden doors run certain risks.

The willingness to stare unblinking into the eye of truth can bring beauty, ecstasy and illumination. It can also shake you to your core. Victor Anderson, a poet and witch, once said “Anything worth doing is dangerous.”  We believe that art is worth doing.

We are inspired by our allegiance to mystery, and welcome contributions from all those who hear the secret call…whether it speaks to you in the voice of your Muse, or some other way. You needn’t be mad, or dead, though we won’t necessarily hold it against you if you are.

On the whole, we prefer poet.

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